Born and raised in Hawaii, Jana Lam is an artist that specializes in creating lifestyle products for the endless summer. Jana Lam’s signature style is all about color, texture, pattern and fun! Every product is designed to be a little piece of love and aloha.

With nothing but a passion for textile design and a freshly built screen-printing table, Jana Lam unknowingly launched herself into the fashion business. All it took was a simple comment from a boutique owner, “Make something I can sell,” and her dream of designing and printing her own textiles turned into a fashion accessories brand. The years since have been full of hard work and hustle for Lam and the four other artists that make up the dynamic Jana Lam team, but that’s what drives the brand forward, building upon its foundation of designing, collaborating, and fabricating distinctive, one-of-a-kind pieces of wearable art.

Jana Lam’s namesake line is centered on her hand-drawn designs, which are inspired by her life, her loves, Hawai‘i, and her home. Anchored on the beach on O‘ahu, her home is also the center of the design and production process that sets the brand apart from others. Put simply, every piece is made in this home studio in a series of simple but painstaking processes. There are easier ways to go about building a brand, but Lam and her team love being able to create beautiful products that are not only high quality but also handcrafted with care.

An opportunity to work with Jamba Juice Hawaii has opened up endless possibilities for the Jana Lam team. From additional brands under the Jana Lam name to collaborations, the Jana Lam team is committed to offering a wide variety of products in Jana Lam’s signature style. Visit the Products page to find out where to get your hands on your favorite Jana Lam accessory.

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The Jana Lam Team



Owner, Designer

Inside the studio she is the juggler of all things miscellaneous, always trying to focus on one thing while doing many things at once. 

Favorite Color: lemon yellow and rainbow

Favorite FRIENDS moment: Ross as the Holiday Armadillo



Screen Printer, Designer

Inside the studio (or rather just outside it) she is the screen-printer and color wizard who creates amazing and endless combinations of prints and hues.

Favorite Color: green, gold, gray and aqua

Favorite FRIENDS moment: Joey drinking a gallon of milk in 10 seconds



Designer, Studio Manager

Inside the studio she is the oil that keeps the engine running, the Gemini we love, who wears a million different hats – from managing and doing actual production to handling the accounting, HR, and product development.

Favorite Color: only the pretty ones

Favorite FRIENDS moment: Ugly naked Ross



Inside the studio she is literally a sewing machine. She is a master technician who has taken our product from good to golden.

Favorite Color: it depends on her mood

Favorite FRIENDS moment: Ross saying Rachel’s name at his wedding to Emily