My 3 Rules for Mixing Color and Pattern in My Home

With so many fun one-of-a-kind bright and colorful pillows available in the Jana Lam web shop, I know it can be daunting to choose pillows for your home! Where do you start?! I can tell you how I choose the fun colors and patterns that I put in my own home. I live by these 3 rules:

1. Choose pieces you LOVE

Always buy the things that you see and fall in love with! Even if you don't know exactly where it will go right off the bat! If you love it you will make space for it.

2. Have FUN

When you walk into a space, you never notice the things that match. They end up blending in with the walls, the sofa, the table tops, etc. It's the pieces that stand out that really grab your attention. When you play it safe with color and pattern everything will end up looking the same and nothing will stand out!

3. CHANGE things up

The good thing about mixing colors and patterns and textures is that you don't have to keep everything the same all the time. You can move a pillow from your bed to the chair in your entryway to your sofa. You can even add new pieces and take pieces out.

The 3 rules in action:

The Jana Lam studio spring intern Crystal ended her internship with a collection of pillows to liven up her home. She custom printed all her favorite prints and color combos (RULE 1: Choose pieces you love). It ended up being the most amazing rainbow of colors!


In the space everything stands out! And you end up looking at everything, because it is all so fun and interesting (RULE 2: Have fun). Check out those curtains, the blanket, the pup, and the pillows!


And last, but not least! The pillows in a different space go just as well (RULE 3: Change things up). 


Get started on your collection:



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