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Face Mask • Pleated with Ties • Red Orange Seaflower

$12.50 $25

These fabric face masks are hand-printed and hand made in Hawaii by the Jana Lam team. We're hoping the bright colors and tropical prints bring you a little love and aloha in these uncertain times.

***All mask purchases are final sale. For safety concerns we cannot take any returns or exchanges on fabric masks.

Seaflower.  Seaflower is THE ORIGINAL Jana Lam print. Seaflower was the first print Jana made when she moved home to Hawaii from San Francisco in 2010, which was the same year she started her company.  It is the print from which everything began. In essence Seaflower was her guinea pig while she figured out how to set up her own studio and screen print on her own. To make this design she used large opaque pens (opaque pens are notoriously leaky and hard to deal with and once you make a mistake there is no going back) and drew directly on a huge piece of tracing paper.  Her aim was just to create a simple design that she could use to test out on her screens because she didn’t want to have to deal with getting film made at that point.  So she had to draw very large to cover the big piece of trace. The rather giant flowers of the current print have been reworked a bit but they were actually drawn at almost same size that they are now.  So in essence, the print remains pretty similar to the original and is unlike almost all of the other prints in the catalog, which were drawn at a smaller scale and done in pencil and then traced over in Micron pen. Funny enough, even though she did a lot of research, drawing, and test-printing, it was never with the idea to make her own products out of the fabric.  She didn’t go into screen-printing with the intention to start a business.  But she did, and Seaflower, which in the beginning was one of only a few prints (and the standout) that she used for her products, came to encapsulate and define the entire brand.  Jana immediately realized that it was the strongest and most singular design of her small collection of prints, and so she used one of the flowers as her trademark and put it in her logo.  And that in short, is why Seaflower is the classic, quintessential print of the brand, and still among the most popular designs, (if not the most popular design) in the entire catalog.

Best practice for home use is to only wear masks when venturing out into the world. Insert a new filter inside a clean mask, edge to edge. Make sure your mask is secure to your face at the bridge of your nose. For added protection, a piece of scotch tape to secure the top of the mask to your nose and cheeks will make sure all air is being drawn in through the filter. After you return home, remove your mask, toss the one-time use filter, and put your fabric mask in the wash. Any hot water wash cycle will disinfect. You can also steam or boil your mask for cleaning.

The Details
This pleated mask is modeled after a surgical mask design. There is a bendable wire to fit around nose and cheeks. For added protection, you can use a piece of scotch tape to further secure the top of the mask to your face. This style of mask will be more comfortable for extended use, though it may not provide as much protection. Most of us in our day to day will not need to worry about being as protected as those in the front line of care. So as long as we are taking good care, cleaning our masks after each use, and using a new clean filter we will have our best chance of being protected.  ONE SIZE

All Jana Lam Handmade in Hawaii textiles are silk-screened by hand on cotton fabrics with water-based inks. This piece is made from a 100% cotton twill fabric with a soft finish. 

All face masks are double layer. Exterior fabric is a 7oz cotton canvas, and interior fabric is a 5oz quilting cotton. 

All our masks are made from pre-shrunk fabric. In order to disinfect, wash in a hot water cycle after each use. Smooth out fabric and lay flat to dry. 

***In no way are we guaranteeing that use of our masks will prevent wearer from contracting COVID-19 or any other viruses. Nor are we touting the effectiveness of our masks in lieu of surgical masks and N95 masks for professionals. BUT in the event that our medical professionals do not have access to those, we are hoping to provide  comparable coverage to the real thing. We will continually improve our masks being supplied to professionals in order to make sure that they are receiving the protection they need. 

***In no way are we suggesting that using the mask is any replacement for social distancing or staying home. But we do need to continue to buy groceries, and perform other tasks while taking the necessary measures to stop the spread. Please remember that our masks will be helpful to most, but it is difficult to breath filtered air. It’s best for those with compromised lung capacity to protect themselves by staying home, and away from any potential risks.

***All masks are one size fits most. We may add more sizes as the needs become necessary.

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