Jana Lam

Mini Duffel • Monstera and Papaya Leaf Shadow • Bright Red over Purple


First there came the Duffel, which is an epic travel bag. But of course in true Jana Lam style we had to make a mini!  The MD (Mini Duffel) is your travel with you all day, everyday bag. It’s a way to carry #allthethings and keep it stylish.  It comes with a leather strap if you need that extra functionality. Otherwise, carry it by its handles to be truly bougie cute.  For the ultimate in extra Lammy style, pair the two pieces and do a Duffel Double!!

12" l x 8.5" h x 4" d
Shoulder Strap measures 8.5" from shoulder to top of bag. Adjustable cross body Strap measures 28" to 53" fully extended. Fully lined with a 6.5" x 5" interior pocket. Exterior pocket has a 7.5" opening and 6" depth.

Made in Hawaii, USA

Monstera and Papaya Leaf Shadow. You can’t go wrong with the layering of these two prints. The origin of this combination came probably in early 2017. It made a big splash as the first print to be used for the new slouchy crossbody style, but it really became a force to be reckoned with when it was used near the end of 2017 as the print for the lounge seating in two cabanas at the Four Seasons- the first real run at interior design for the Jana Lam team. Now it’s one of the most prevalent designs in the catalog, and serves as one of the two prints for Jana Lam masks. It’s a truly special print.

All Jana Lam Handmade in Hawai‘i textiles are silk-screened by hand on cotton fabrics with water-based inks. This piece is made from 100% cotton fabric that is reinforced with interfacing to give the fabric some shape with a soft feel.

The #janalamfam recommends spot cleaning when smaller spots show up. We usually use Shout Wipes for that, but Jana has used tide pens in the past. Make sure if there is a white top print to be a little more gentle on rubbing spots out. Since the ink sits on top of the fabric a bit more than other colors, there is a chance of the ink rubbing off and getting on other parts of the fabric. 

But, you can put your Jana Lam's in the wash. We usually use a hand wash cycle and lay flat to dry. After it's dried, it is always good to give it a little bit of an iron. We use 100% cotton fabric, so it may shrink in the dryer, but will definitely stand up to ironing. 

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