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‘Ōhi‘a Oasis • 10 inch Bamboo Plate • Set of 2

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Classic white dishes are great, but there’s just something about colorful, graphic plates that we can’t get enough of- that and our lovely feathered friends. For our second dish ware design, the follow up to Manu’s Palace, we lovingly transport you to the world of the amazing, wonderful, iconic native Hawaiian I’iwi bird in its ‘Ōhi‘a Oasis.  It’s a beautiful, fantastical place and it makes us beyond happy to plop our Mac-n-cheese and green beans on it.  These magical dinner plates come in a set of 2. They are made of Bamboo Fiber and are dishwasher safe (though not microwave safe).  If you’re like me, in addition to using them for your everyday grinds, you may even want to put them out for display in your home as a little something we call Dish Decor! 

The Details:
Set of two 10" bamboo fiber plates
Do not microwave, Dishwasher safe

*Due to the size and weight of this item standard shipping rates and shipping discounts do not apply. 

Designed in Hawaii, USA

The native Manu-O-Kū (White Fairy Tern) is actually an urban-dwelling bird in these islands and Honolulu is the only city in the United States where they make their nests, which makes it particularly special to the people of Oahu, even beyond just being endemic to the Hawaiian Islands.  For this design however, I imagined the Manu in a more remote jungle location, a whimsical palace if you will, for this magical-looking bird.  When I get a chance to see this beautiful white Fairy, I am always mesmerized and filled with happiness. I hope it makes you happy too! 

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