Bird of Paradise

Jana Lam Fall 2018 Adventure Collection

What does the world traveler need? What does the jet-setter, the globe-trotter, the wayfaring wanderer need? She should have a piece of a dream to carry with her when she takes flight; a slice of exotic paradise to remind her of where she’s been and where she’s going.

The Bird of Paradise Adventure Collection, the inaugural travel collection from JANA LAM, balances both fantasy and function with its classic whimsical design and sturdy construction. It’s comprised of 8 different bags meant to work together as a unit or as individual pieces. The fabric is a light denim that was printed and then coated to be stain and weather resistant. The set integrates the unique hand-drawn design the brand embodies with added versatility and durability. We created this collection to accommodate the desires of our clientele that are beyond the scope of what we are capable of making in our studio. Beyond that, the print and the fabrication, both inspired by the actual Bird of Paradise itself, celebrates freedom and movement and the traveler herself.