Jana Lam

Handmade in Hawaii

The Jana Lam “Handmade in Hawaii” line of products began as a passion for textile design, and has developed into one of Hawaii’s favorite endless summer accessories. Each piece is hand-printed and hand-sewn by Jana and her small team of artists at the Jana Lam Studio + Shop in the Kaka’ako neighborhood of Honolulu, Hawaii. View the process below to see the labor of love and aloha that goes into each one-of-a-kind accessory.

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Our Process


1. Hand Draw
Every design is sketched by hand by Jana. The artwork is scanned into the computer, cleaned up, and turned into a pattern. Great care is taken to keep the hand drawn look of the artwork. From the pattern, a film positive transparency is created and used to burn the image onto a silkscreen.


2. Prepare to Print
Cotton fabric is cut to size, ironed, and pinned to a padded board. Using water-based silkscreen inks, Kellie mixes all the unique colors by hand, no colors are taken straight from the bottle.

3. Screen Print
Kellie then uses her long, almighty squeegee to hand print each pattern onto the fabric.


4. Sun Dry
The fabric is then laid out in the sun to dry.


5. Cut Fabric
Once the fabric is completely dry it is squared off, and cut down into the pieces needed to create a unique Jana Lam accessory. Each piece of fabric can yield one large item (tote or pillow) or three to four clutches.


6. Prep and Sew
A coordinating lining fabric is chosen for each piece. Next in the process is a whole lot of heat pressing, ironing, sewing and trimming in order to create the parts needed to construct the final product. The parts are then pinned and sewn with great care.

7. Add Finishing Touches
For envelope clutches the finishing touch of a button is chosen and sewn. Zipper clutches get a wristlet. And Luxe by Jana Lam items get their hand finished leather straps.


8. And VOILA!
The handmade Jana Lam accessories are ready to be put into collections to be sent to boutiques, photographed and listed on the Jana Lam web shop, or packed up to be taken to a Jana Lam Pop-Up event.