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Jana Lam hand-printed Backpacks are made with love and aloha at the Jana Lam Studio in the Kaka’ako neighborhood of Honolulu, Hawaii.

Backpacks are simply the best; functional, sporty, and so much fun.  Our amazing Erin created the pattern for these; the Momma and the Mini, and I have to say, they are the perfect size and shape, and you will want to carry it everywhere.  You can put your essentials in the front pocket and the heavier load in the main compartment.  They’re not just for school or camping anymore, these backpacks are practically a practical fashion staple!

The Details:
Machine Washable
15" height, 12.5" width, 4" depth
Double-zipper opening, fully-lined, 10" x 8" front zippered pocket
Adjustable 1.5" cotton webbing straps, 28.5" fully extended

Made in Hawaii, USA

Inspiration comes from everywhere. You may think Heliconia was inspired simply by the flower itself- perhaps I came across some one day on a hike or a walk (which of course I have). But actually it was inspired by a scene in the mini series, The Queen’s Gambit. Beth sits in a bath in her hotel room in Russia and behind her is a flower arrangement and a stained glass window.  It was late 2020, perhaps October or November when I watched it and drew this print, and for some reason it gives peace looking back on it. 2020 was not the best of times, but some wonderful things came out of it. Heliconia is fun and playful but it also has serene quality about it, even printed in hot pink. 

All Jana Lam Handmade in Hawaii textiles are silk-screened by hand on cotton fabrics with water-based inks. This piece is made from a 100% cotton slub weave fabric, and is reinforced with heavyweight interfacing to make the fabric sturdy and hold its shape.

The #janalamfam recommends spot cleaning when smaller spots show up. We usually use Shout Wipes for that, but Jana has used tide pens in the past. Make sure if there is a white top print to be a little more gentle on rubbing spots out. Since the ink sits on top of the fabric a bit more than other colors, there is a chance of the ink rubbing off and getting on other parts of the fabric. 

But, you can put your Jana Lam's in the wash. We usually use a hand wash cycle and lay flat to dry. After it's dried, it is always good to give it a little bit of an iron. We use 100% cotton fabric, so it may shrink in the dryer, but will definitely stand up to ironing

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