Baggu + Jana Lam

Bundle of 3 Baggu Reusable Bags • Luna's Jungle • Jana Lam Hawaii + Baggu

Buy all three sizes, and get 10% off

Heading to the mall? Big Baggu. Grocery Store? Standard Baggu. Quick stop at Longs? Baby Baggu. We know you need all three, so we'll give you a discount on the set. 

Compare to $72 at full price.

Classic Baggu:  The Standard Baggu reusable bag is your everyday, carry everything bag, from your lovely legumes and precious perishables to your books, pens, laptop and planner.  Shoulder it, or carry it in your hand instead of 2-3 plastic grocery bags. It can hold 50 lbs. worth of goodies.  

Dimensions: 25 ½" × 15 ½" × 6" Folds into a flat 5" × 5" pouch. 

Baby Baggu:  This is the smaller version of the Classic Reusable Baggu.  Carry it like a purse with all your essentials, or use it as a lunch bag for your delectable snacks and utensils. Also, it’s perfect for your six-pack, but you didn’t hear that from me. It may be the baby of the bunch but it still holds 50 lbs. 

Dimensions: 18" × 10" × 4" Folds into a flat 4" × 4" pouch.  

Big Baggu: This is the holy mammoth version of the Classic Reusable Baggu.   This bag is ginormously awesome.  It can hold your entire Yoga or Barre ensemble.  Why carry a silly mesh laundry bag? Tote this around town, and if you find a stray that needs a home, just stick it in here.  It’s perfect for a day at the beach with your entire family, and there’s no need to worry about wet swimsuits and towels, chuck them right in.  Just don’t carry over 50 lbs. or you might fall over.  

Dimensions: 33" × 18" × 9" Folds into a 6" × 6" pouch.

Designed in Hawaii, USA

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Luna's Jungle. We are taken to a Hawaiian rainforest in Part II of Baggu x Jana Lam. This time instead of garden delights, we find a mash up of funky forest flora and fauna. The leaves and flowers float, or rather, dance together playfully in a sea of deep aquamarine. The colors are tranquil and calming but the hot pink gives the prerequisite JL pop! Luna’s Jungle is the getaway you didn’t even know you needed. It will transport you to a blissful tropical utopia!

Made of 100% ripstop nylon (40% recycled nylon sourced from pre-consumer waste).

Machine wash cold, line dry.

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