Umbrella Collective + Jana Lam

Day Bag • Citron • Umbrella Collective + Jana Lam


Utility and style combine perfectly in this piece of perfection. Once you own this bag you may not ever want to go back to what came before.  You’ll use it every day - it’s equipped with reinforced handles and a removable and adjustable strap-and you’ll be hesitant to put it down at night.  Bells and whistles include: brass zipper closure and durable brass hardware, easy slip pocket and zippered pocket as well, to hold keys and phone and all the little things.

The Details:
Soft, tumbled leather; Denim striped lining; Solid brass hardware
14" opening, 15” width, 11" height, 12x3.5" base
Strap adjustment approximately between 27-49"

Printed in Hawaii, USA
Made in Oregon, USA

Banana Leaf. The Banana Leaf print is one of the most time honored prints in the Jana Lam Catalog . It is a symbol of love and aloha in her life. A proposal with a ring on a baby banana plant in San Francisco is what  brought her back to Hawai'i, her home, and its endless summers. She drew the leaf, not only because she loves them, but because it represents a wonderful time in her life and the plant that brought so much joy to her and so many others.  The babies of the original banana plant and it’s babies have spawned so many more banana plants that have been passed along amongst Jana’s circle of friends .  The banana leaf print is a beautiful reminder of all the good things, and it brings people together.

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