Jana Lam Hawaii

MIH Exclusive • Patchwork Coin Pinch Purse • Surprise Prints/Colors


Our very own Erin of Erimon’s Workshop has done it again! The super popular patchwork pieces she made from back in December 2020 brought so much loveliness and light to people’s lives we knew we had to convince her to do it again, and do it big. Right now we’re basking in the brilliant rainbow of these crazy colorful creations, but we can’t wait to see them in your homes or holding your pencils. They make me want to dance and we hope you feel that way too.  

We have a few left over from the Made in Hawaii Festival. And we are so happy to be able to offer them to everyone that did not make it to the Festival. Happy shopping!

The Details:
4" opening, 2" x 2.25" base

Made in Hawai‘i, USA

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