Jana Lam

Mini Apron • Hibiscus • Pink over Coral, Yellow, Mint, and Pink Ombre


Jana Lam hand-printed Mini Aprons  are made with love and aloha at the Jana Lam Studio in the Kaka’ako neighborhood of Honolulu, Hawaii.

I’ve always wanted to be a chef. No, that’s a lie.  I’ve always wanted to want to be a chef, or rather, I’ve always wanted to love to cook.  It’s just a medium that’s too much for me- with all the ingredient gathering, chopping, mixing, cleaning... BUT now that we make aprons, oddly enough it’s motivating me to be more kitchen-minded.  And keiki aprons are the proverbial icing on the cake so to speak.  Spending time with my sous chefs makes me so happy. After all food, and fun prints go hand and hand right?  If they’re like my littles it will make them smile too.

The Details:
21" Apron Height, 14" Skirt Width, Adjustable Neck Loop
Hand-printed Linen/Cotton Blend Bib, 100% Cotton Denim Skirt

Made in Hawaii, USA

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Hibiscus. One look at Jana’s Instagram account and it is clear that the Hibiscus is her favorite flower.  Many people think Seaflower, which is in our logo, is a hibiscus, but they are wrong.  One of the reasons Jana loves hibiscuses are for their sometimes intricate edges, and in this design it’s that feature she tried to highlight. Each hibiscus is different from the next and she is always inspired by their uniqueness and complexity. Who doesn’t love hibiscuses? This design is almost a requirement for the Jana Lam Collection of prints.

All Jana Lam Handmade in Hawaii textiles are silk-screened by hand on cotton fabrics with water-based inks. This piece is made from a 100% natural Cotton/Linen blend.

Machine wash gentle. Do not bleach. Iron as needed.

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