Jana Lam

Pareo • Pink and Orange Monstera and Papaya Shadow Beach Wrap


Our new and improved beach wraps are so super vibrant and colorful and mimic the textures of our handmade fabric prints. We hope they add a little pop of magic to your step, and to your day and remind you how sweet and wonderful life can be. Plumeria in Serene Sea Breeze.

Wrap yourself in love and aloha with this ever useful, fun, bright, and colorful pareo, affectionately nicknamed by Jana, Only the Good Starburst Flavors.

Dimensions: 70 in. x 40 in.

100% cotton • designed in Hawaii 

Monstera and Papaya Leaf Shadow. You can’t go wrong with the layering of these two prints.  The origin of this combination came probably in early 2017.  It made a big splash as the first print to be used for the new slouchy crossbody style,  but it really became a force to be reckoned with when it was used near the end of 2017 as the print for the lounge seating in two cabanas at the Four Seasons- the first real run at interior design for the Jana Lam team.  Now it’s one of the most prevalent designs in the catalog, and serves as one of the two prints for Jana Lam masks.  It’s a truly special print.

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