Jana Lam

Slouchy Cross Body • Palm


-PALM- I often take the time to look up. I find serenity in these delicate but strong fronds. They sway drowsily in the breeze, and they bend and crack in hard winds. But most often they stand resolute in our Hawaiian sunshine for everyone to admire. 

This army green collection featuring this FLOWER PEACE SIGN print and the PALM  print is a melding of the necessity to move confidently into this year both finding balance and serenity in the journey, and also being bold, strong, and assertive when hurdles and challenges present themselves. 

14" x 9" x  4"
Fully-lined; 7" x 5.5" interior pocket; removable genuine leather cross body strap, adjustable from 42" to 49"

Made in Hawaii, USA

Palm. Palm was created for people who love classic elegant shapes.  The leaves give a certain sense of serenity as they sway drowsily in the breeze, but they are also strong, and weather many storms.  And when they bend and crack in hard winds, they still possess a kind of beauty.  But mostly they are the lovely, majestic guardians of our Hawaiian sunshine, and they serve as reminders to always look up.

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