Jana Lam

Tote • Papaya


The Papaya; such a beautiful, wonderful, tasty to some, thing.  I’ve been intrigued by it, and have wanted to make a print out of it for awhile now.  I think maybe my obsession started when I did work for a client that rejected the papaya as one of the fruits in their semi fruit-filled design. They deemed it too yonic or vulvar (as close a word to phallic, but the female version, as I can get) which I clearly understood, but it still disappointed me.

It’s been a few years since that papaya-less project, but it’s still been on my mind. When I finally decided to use it I wanted to make a statement, and now the time has come. Today we, as women, face a serious threat to our basic human rights. Conservatives in the judicial system continue to attack and try to reverse the decision of the 1973 court case, Roe v. Wade in an attempt to strip away our our reproductive rights and the right to choose to have an abortion.

This papaya tote may be cute and colorful, but the it is my hope that the message comes across loud and clear and what started as a small piece of inspiration for me will now help further the discussion and campaign for the basic human rights of all women to control our own bodies. 

To support the battle to uphold a woman’s right to choose, 20% of all sales of this tote will go to Planned Parenthood, an important non-profit organization that provides reproductive healthcare in the US and around the world.  

20" width x 14.5" height x 5" depth, 100% cotton canvas, canvas straps, zipper top, interior zipper pocket

Printed in Hawaii, USA

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