Coming Soon... from Luna's Garden

Luna has been trapped, alone, by the evil Corona, in an enchanted chalet high up on a mountaintop. Though fear of her captor has kept her on edge, she has actually been quite happy there, tending her vegetables and  dancing like no one is watching, because in fact, no one was watching.  Lately though, she has been thinking the time has come for her to meet the world outside. But first she must prepare for her departure. What supplies does she need? What will she use to carry her provisions??  

Follow along on her journey as she ponders the unknown and attempts her escape, bringing her JANA LAM x BAGGU with her. The collection drops in mid-July and we can’t wait! 

We are all ready for adventures and more happy, fun times ahead and we hope this will bring some joy and light. 



Jana Lam is a Honolulu, Hawaii based design company that focuses on products and accessories for an endless summer. Lam's beach front home once served as the production house of her handmade in Hawaii line of one-of-a-kind, hand-printed and sewn apparel and home accessories. In Fall 2017, printing and production moved out of the home studio, and the Jana Lam Studio + Shop was opened in Kaka'ako.