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The Team


Owner, Designer

Inside the studio she is the juggler of all things miscellaneous, always trying to focus on one thing while doing many things at once. 

Favorite Color: lemon yellow and rainbow

Libra's Mascot*: Every color that exists




Screen Printer, Designer

Inside the studio she is the screen-printer and color wizard who creates amazing and endless combinations of prints and hues.

Favorite Color: green

Capricorn's Mascot:  An Island




Designer, Operations

Inside the studio she is the oil that keeps the engine running, the Gemini we love, who wears a million different hats – from website management to handling the accounting, wholesale accounts, HR, purchasing materials, and product development.

Favorite Color: only the pretty ones

Gemini's Mascot: Both the angel and the devil on your shoulder




Head Seamstress

Inside the studio she is the brains behind duffels, musubi pouches, and fannies among other styles. The one w

Favorite Color: black and Kraft paper brown

Scorpio's Mascot: A black hole




Head Seamstress

Inside the studio she makes all the cute things. The brains behind the little things pouch, the backpacks, the city duffel. She is the master of patchwork, and the one who wants to use every little piece of fabric we have.

Favorite Color: ochre

Libra's Mascot:  Every color that exists





Inside the studio she is branching out after a couple years working from home, and only sewing keychains and small pouches. She is back and sewing it all!

Favorite Color: the idea of purple, maybe plum

Cancer's Mascot:  A baby wipe




Studio Assistant and Seamstress

Inside the studio she fulfills online orders, preps items for sewing, and is busy l earning how to sew all the products. For a time she was stuck doing customer service at the Jana Lam shop, but we are happy that she is back behind the sewing machine. 

Favorite Color: salmon and blue/green, but not as a pair

Pisces Mascot:  A body without organs




Studio Assistant

Inside the studio she runs back and forth between the studio and the retail store. Our newest addition to the studio team, she is learning to be Kellie's printing assistant, a second hand when it is time to pass the squeegee back and forth during yardage printing. 

Favorite Color: 

Cancer's Mascot:  A baby wipe