I’ve never considered myself a politically involved person.  The signs my family have hung on or planted in the ground in front of the wall lining our property during election season have always made me uncomfortable.  There was even a particular incident in late 2012 when a member in one of the candidate’s teams, we think the candidate’s own mother, brazenly stuck a sign in the ground right next to our address marker.  I got upset and covered the name with the side of a beer box.  Bud Light was running for congress.  I still don’t want signs at our house, regardless of who puts them there, and I still feel  uncomfortable talking about politics in a public way.  But when it really matters, and when we are facing crises of epic proportions I  will say this: VOTE!!! I will not put up a sign but the #votetote is my equivalent. This is not a time when we can just sit back and hope that things will get better. In the past I’ll admit that I only paid real attention to the big races. But now I know that was an error in judgement.  After the brutal killing of George Floyd, his brother Terrence gave a speech with an impassioned plea to do the work at the polls, to vote not just for the president, but to vote at every level.  I don’t believe that government is the only place where change is enacted, but it does play a gigantic role, and without the right people leading our nation in as many facets as possible we won’t move forward. I have high hopes for our future, and I hope you all do too, but we have to get it done.  VOTE. 




Jana Lam is a Honolulu, Hawaii based design company that focuses on products and accessories for an endless summer. Lam's beach front home once served as the production house of her handmade in Hawaii line of one-of-a-kind, hand-printed and sewn apparel and home accessories. In Fall 2017, printing and production moved out of the home studio, and the Jana Lam Studio + Shop was opened in Kaka'ako. 

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