All About Mask Filters!

We have done a ton of research on best practices for fabric masks. And adding a filter is the key! We have filter pockets in both styles. Just slip in a cut piece of a vacuum bag or other household HEPA filter, coffee filter, or even a face tissue or tissue paper. Of course each item has a varying degree of protection/filtration. 

We’ve prepared a filter templates for you.

Fitted Mask

Pleated Mask

Filter Instructions:

  1. Print and cut out the filter pattern.

  2. Trace onto your filter material of choice and cut out. Some options are vacuum bags or other household HEPA filter, coffee filter, or even a face tissue or tissue paper. The filtration ability/breathability will vary with your material.

Best practice for home use is to only wear masks when venturing out into the world. Insert a new filter inside a clean mask, edge to edge. Make sure your mask is secure to your face at the bridge of your nose. For added protection, a piece of scotch tape to secure the top of the mask to your nose and cheeks will make sure all air is being drawn in through the filter. After you return home, remove your mask, toss the one-time use filter, and put your fabric mask in the wash. Any hot water wash cycle will disinfect. You can also steam or boil your mask for cleaning.


***In no way are we guaranteeing that use of our masks will prevent wearer from contracting COVID-19 or any other viruses. Nor are we touting the effectiveness of our masks in lieu of surgical masks and N95 masks for professionals. BUT in the event that our medical professionals do not have access to those, we are hoping to provide comparable coverage to the real thing. We will continually improve our masks being supplied to professionals in order to make sure that they are receiving the protection they need. 

***In no way are we suggesting that using the mask is any replacement for social distancing or staying home. But we do need to continue to buy groceries, and perform other tasks while taking the necessary measures to stop the spread. Please remember that our masks will be helpful to most, but it is difficult to breath filtered air. It’s best for those with compromised lung capacity to protect themselves by staying home, and away from any potential risks.

***All masks are one size fits most. We may add more sizes as the needs become necessary.