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Article: Pleated Mask Tutorial

Pleated Mask Tutorial
From the Studio

Pleated Mask Tutorial


Exterior fabric:
9” height x 10” width
Lining fabric:
7” height x 8.5” width
Elastic or ties:
Elastic: 6” or desired length
Ties: 2 pieces cut at 18” for the top ties and 2 pieces cut at 16” for the bottom ties.
Nose piece
4” piece of bendable metal. Ideally plastic coated. Twist ties, pipe cleaners, etc.

Let’s get started…

1. Start by putting a 1/2” hem on the side edges of the exterior fabric: Mark each side of the fabric 1” from the edge. (We use an erasable pen that irons away, tailors chalk will work as well).

2. Fold the exterior fabric at the 1” mark, and fold the edge into the seam so there is a 1/2” seam. Iron flat. Do this for both sides.

3. Sew at a the folded edge. Do this to both sides.

4. Next you’ll hem both sides of the lining fabric. Start by marking the edges at the 1/2” mark.

5. Fold the lining fabric at the 1/2” mark, and fold the edge into the seam so there is a 1/4” seam. Iron flat. Do this for both sides.

6. Sew at a the folded edge. Do this to both sides.

7. Now it’s time to mark the pleats! Start with the Exterior Fabric, and Mark 2 1/4” from the top.

8. Then mark 1 1/4” below that line. Next mark 3/4” below that line. Alternate between 1 1/4” and 3/4” until you have three 1 1/4” and two 3/4” gaps.

9. Fold and iron pleats by bringing the top line of each 1 1/4” gap to the bottom line. Each 3/4” gap should remain visible.

10. Iron pleats as you go.

11. Sew pleats in place by topstitching two lines. One is 1/8” to the left of the seam and one 1/8” to right of the seam.

12. Now it’s time to put pleats in the lining. We’ll be working on the back side of the fabric for the lining. Start by making a line 1 1/4” down from the top. Make another line 1 1/4” down from that line and another 3/4” down from that line. Alternate between marking a 1 1/4” gap and a 3/4” gap until there are 2 more 1 1/4” gaps and two 3/4” gaps.

13. Iron the pleats as you did with the exterior fabric, bringing the top line of the 1 1/4” gaps down to the bottom line of the 1 1/4” gaps. There should be 3 pleats.

14. Sew the pleats on the lining with one seam over the existing side hems at 1/4”.

15. Now we will put the two pieces together. Mark a line 1” from the top and bottom of the exterior fabric.


16. Iron a half inch hem at the marked line. Do this on both top and bottom seams

17. Put lining in place under top and bottom seams of exterior fabric.

18. Now it is time to place the nose piece in the top seam. Center it, and tack down the fabric to the right and left of the nose piece so that it stays in place.

19. Top stitch the top and bottom seams.

20. And last, but not least! Insert elastic or ties into hem and top stitch.


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