Lemonade + Sunshine: About our Collaboration with Make Lemonade Project

I myself really had very little to do with this collaboration. Kelsey, the amazing and passionate creator of @makelemonadeproject messaged me sometime in the middle of last year when we had a lot going on, and I said let’s revisit...Then just a few weeks ago Megan, without knowing about my previous interaction with Kelsey, brought up that she would like us to donate and get involved with Make Lemonade Project. I just said yes! Let’s do it! And in no time flat Megan and Erin had pillows sampled, then completed and ready to go.  They provide comfort for cancer patients and others who have had surgery or have ports that need to be protected when they are riding in the car.

If you know me, you know I love a good collaboration, and a collaboration with an amazing mission and purpose to help people? That’s everything. Cancer affects us all. In my own life as a young kid I watched my dad battle it and later saw it take the life of my Popo (my dad’s mother). Yet as an adult I can’t fully comprehend what it’s like to go through such an ordeal. But it’s our hope that we can help provide just a little bit of relief, comfort, sunshine and rainbows to those going through treatment and surgeries. 💛🌈🍋

The Make Lemonade Project + Jana Lam Mastectomy/Histerectomy and Port Pillows will be available Tuesday, March 23rd at 12noon Hawaii time on the Make Lemonade Project website. In addition to our new collaboration, the Make Lemonade Project retail shop is full of "stuff for when times are rough".

And if you are a generous spirit who would like to join in on one of the Make Lemonade project programs, there are two donation platforms in the "Fundraisers" section of their website. There is a Make Lemonade Project sponsored Lemonade Stand at the Cancer Center at Queen's Hospital that is stocked with thoughtful and uplifting free gifts for providers and patients to keep spirits high. Donations are welcome to keep the Lemonade Stand stocked. They are also raising funds for patients and families that are struggling to keep up with the burden of out-of-pocket treatment expenses.

Please check out Make Lemonade Project’s website: www.makelemonadeproject.com and visit it on IG as well: @makelemonadeproject to learn more.