Lolo and the FLF

When we rescued Lolo Mango C Mynah (and Lulu Angel Mayjah Mynah, RIP) I didn’t really think it through. . . I thought we would just be able to hand him off to the “bird rescue people,” and that would be that.  I had no idea what we were really in for; that for the next few months we would watch him grow and grow to love him.  What was even more surprising in a way, was how attached other people became to him.  He was the star of my Instagram stories for months, and I thought I had become a crazy bird lady. But the other day I watched some of it back, and I realized that I had really chronicled his life and given people a chance to know our funny, sassy, cute little Mynah. It makes me happy knowing that he brought joy to people, (and not just me and my kids) in this crazy time.  We still miss him a lot, but I know he is happy flying high up in the trees. I hope one day I can do more to tell his incredible story, but for now this is my homage to him and his favorite plant, Fiddle Leaf Fig. 


Download the coloring sheet for "Lolo and the FLF" here.


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