Giving Tuesday is starting early this year!

We’re so excited to once again partner with Make Lemonade Project this holiday season.  On Black Friday we’re starting a $5k match challenge. For every donation you make we’ll match it up to $5000. There are two easy ways to donate! Right here at checkout on or on the fundraiser badge on my Instagram profile. The match challenge will go through December 31st.  Thank you so much for helping us support our beautiful cancer patients here in Hawaii who are fighting so hard. 



A little bit about Make Lemonade Project

We are continually in awe of the work the Make Lemonade Project is doing to help cancer patients locally to turn lemons into lemonade with heartfelt gifts and fundraising to ease the burdens of treatment.

If you aren't already familiar, Kelsey Nishi Darling, a local calligrapher and small business owner, navigated her husband's cancer diagnosis for many years. Through their shared commitment to one another and passion for helping others they chose to find the silver linings wherever they could and turn lemons into lemonade. And with a passion for helping other cancer patients and their families, Make Lemonade Project was born. Kelsey started by building and stocking Lemonade Stands in the cancer centers with free gifts that would serve as a ray of light to cancer patients and their care-takers in what is understatedly a very difficult time. 

Make Lemonade Project moved quickly to become an official 501(c)(3) non-profit in order to offer grants, or "Lemon-Aid" to help cancer patients in our community with the financial burdens of the high costs of treatment. In the last two and a half years, Make Lemonade Project has issued 24 grants for a combined total of $89,000 to hard-working people who have too much to qualify for low income insurance programs, but not enough to pay the bills associated with treatment, travel, and living expenses while undergoing cancer treatment.

For more details on the Make Lemonade Project, visit their website for their full story and mission.