Jana Lam

Golden Jungle Sticky Note • Rainbow Wilds


Sticky notes are a key component of our life. For real, what would we do without them? To make your life a little brighter we created three options…You can choose from Sage Garden, Peachy Sunset, and Golden Jungle, or just grab them as a whole set!

The Details:
3 in  x 3 in Sticky Note Pad with 50 sheets

Designed in Hawaii

Rainbow Wilds.To be honest, we had a really difficult time coming up with a name for this print. I think it was because it was such a conglomeration of all of our ideas, ideas that were geared specifically toward a stationery collection. But when I put pencil to paper at first go, I just wanted to create something that would look super cute for all of the stationery lovers out there and even just in the JL Fam alone! Rainbow Wilds is the product of letting my/our imaginations run wild with all the cute florals and things that give those classic JL vibes with our amazing colors.

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