Women in Bloom

Both Fighting Eel and Jana Lam are women-owned, women-run businesses in Hawai‘i, and that makes me proud.  So one of my main objectives for the Ohana Collection was to make a print that embodies female tenacity. Betta Fish Blooms is a floral made of the beautiful flowing appendages of Bettas, also known as Siamese fighting fish (which was of course a nod to Fighting Eel). Of course as it turns out, as it is with most things in nature, the females don’t have the same flamboyant fins and fishtails that the males do. The intent I had behind it however, still remains the same.  I created this print as a celebration of women.  We are strong, we are colorful, we are vivacious and we are super resilient. The two women I asked to be a part of our photo campaign are also both local women who run their own companies, and to me they personify all of these qualities.  In addition to being entrepreneurs, they are also mothers, which, as you may be able to tell by the name of this collection, is also important to all of us.  So here is a little background on my two colleagues and friends:

Katrina Cordova of Katrina Cordova Designs

All of the jewelry in our photo campaign were made and styled by Katrina Cordova. Katrina was raised on the island of O’ahu, Hawaii. She began making jewelry in the year 2000 while living with her now husband in the town Solana Beach, CA. She also worked in Retail Management + Merchandising with Banana Republic and Small Boutique shops.  Taking the many requests from friends + Customers for her jewelry, she evolved her hobby into a brand: Katrina Cordova Designs. Some of her specialties include wire wrap earrings and unique necklaces. She often incorporates Semi precious gemstones, Tahitian & Fresh water pearls, 14kt gold filled and 22kt Gold vermeil in her pieces. She enjoys continually adding new designs to her line, and most are made in limited quantity. Much of her inspiration comes from the color of the deep blue ocean and the rich hues of flowers that surround her daily. Now living in her native home of Honolulu, HI with her two children and her husband, she continues to evolve her work, keeping it both contemporary and classic.  You can see her work on Instagram: @katrinacordovadesigns and www.katrinacordovahawaii.etsy.com and contact her: katrinacordovadesigns@gmail.com

 Lauren Smith of L-4-Love

Lauren Smith is a wedding event coordinator, consultant and planner. Her company L-4-Love was founded almost 10 years ago and since then has put together and organized over 200 weddings and events.  She and her team specialize in teamwork, timelines and attention to detail!  Lucky to have found a job she is so passionate about, Lauren loves being able to see everything come together for her clients and to truly give them a stress-free day they will never forget!  She lives in Honolulu, HI with her two children and her husband.  Coronavirus has hit the wedding industry very hard, but Lauren is a trooper, she has pivoted during this time, and once we are able to gather again, she will be back in business!  You can find her on instagram: @l4loveweddings/ #L4LoveWeddings online: http://l-4-love.com/ and on facebook:http://www.facebook.com/L4Love.Weddings