Wrappily + Jana Lam

Retro Blooms + Monstera Shadow Eco Wrapping Paper • Wrappily + Jana Lam


Retro Blooms + Monstera Shadow is a perfect mix-and-match pair of monstera leaves and retro flower blossoms that make gift wrapping fun!

This collection of wrapping paper is the third collaboration of prints designed in the Jana Lam Studio for Maui based Wrappily. 

Reversible gift wrap sheets come flat and folded with complementary gift tag stickers. Sheet is 21.5" x 34”. Printed in Washington State on recycled and recyclable newsprint.

Retro Blooms. This funky design originated out of nowhere. It was just a random doodle. Flowers flow freely from Jana’s pencil to paper, and this is the result of just letting it go, and going with it. After she showed the artwork to her team, they all agreed that even though it was yet another unnamed flower print, it had a unique feel to it, and it was worth putting it out there. Sometimes the story of a print is that it just is. It may not have a real name but Retro Blooms is all the good vibes.

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