Wrappily + Jana Lam

Tropical Leaves & Orchid Eco Wrapping Paper • Wrappily + Jana Lam


Tropical Leaves/ Rainbow Orchids pairs two Jana Lam signatures: bold banana leaves and orchids in a rainbow gradient. The combo offers a perfect 'everyday' gift wrap for graduations, weddings, birthdays, and more.

This collection of wrapping paper is the second collaboration of prints designed in the Jana Lam Studio for Maui based Wrappily. 

Reversible gift wrap sheets come flat and folded with complementary gift tag stickers. Sheet is 21.5" x 34”. Printed in Washington State on recycled and recyclable newsprint.

Orchid. Jana is actually not a huge fan of orchids. Though she thinks they are beautiful, she also feels like they are too elegant, too elusive maybe, and too cold. But for some reason, at the time this print was created she was slightly obsessed with drawing them. Maybe the inner challenge was for her to take a flower she didn’t particularly care for and turn it into something she really loved. Whatever the case, she had a really fun time creating these unique blooms; mixing up different graphic elements inside each one to give them all unique and playful looks.

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